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Hand-Crafted in Canada


Cases are hand-crafted here in Canada. Every iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Blackberry Case is made-to-order. Here at UnikCase, we do not have full warehouses of pre-made cases from overseas. Each Case made by UnikCase are hand-crafted to fit your order and needs.


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With Unikcase iPhone cases, iPad covers, Samsung and Blackberry phone cases, you get the perfect combination of protection and style. We want your case and cover to be as Unik as you. Our case is your blank canvas.

Made In Canada

Made In Canada<



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Why UnikCase ?

To begin, choose a UnikCase case that fits your device. Our products are obsessively designed and engineered to make your devices look and feel their best. All of our cases are hand made here in Canada and are designed to display your images beautifully while protecting your precious cellphone. Let’s get creative. Design your case through our customization tool. Upload your own graphic, add text, select colors of your new case, and carry your cellphone everywhere with your new case. We’re giving you the power to design so you can create the best cellphone case. With endless possibilities you can be sure you will have a one-of-a-kind cellphone case. From the beginning, we had an itch to design our case ourselves, but had no idea how to do it. So we created a way; we spent a bunch of time and energy developing a straightforward, intuitive online designer that makes cellphone case customization painless and pretty fun. Our design tools are full of the options and creative capabilities that you’ll need to create standout case. Make your iPhone as unique as you are! Visit UnikCase online store for your cell phone needs. Find, shop and buy at Browse products and prices! Choose from a wide range of cases for your device. From Cow and Leopard to Canada Flag Case. We like them. We think you will too.

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We knew that whatever the process included, it needed to be supported by superior customer service. We would want customer representatives who were personally familiar with the custom process, possessing knowledge of online ordering process. We would want to be able to ask them any question, no question or concern would be too big or too small. So that’s what we did. We are ready to cover all the bases with every customer on every order. Finally, we didn’t want to be forced to purchase 5,000 cellphone case to get a good deal. We wanted to get awesome custom case at reasonable prices without having to sink money into mass quantities or compromising our design options. So we changed the way its done. Our investment in quality equipment and reliable new technology allows us to offer great pricing to every customer. Case snaps on the back of your cellphone and protects all edges and corners from knocks to scratches. With case on, all cellphone ports, buttons and camera remain open and accessible, so there is no need to remove once it has been attached. Giving you a fantastic decoration and design for your phone and this is going to be fascinating to carry along with these cellphone cases. Our diverse colors and designs lets you decide on what stylish cell phone case fits your own unique personality. Fueled with the tenacity to create industry-leading, top quality, fashion-forward protection for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Samsung Galaxy Series. Designed and manufactured here in Canada, we are now able to offer truly unique, fashion-inspired products to you. Throughout the years, we've listened to customer feedback and attribute the evolution of our cases to consumers who've challenged us to take the idea of a protective case to the next level. Our fashionable cell phone cases and original style makes us a trendsetter in the mobile industries. UnikCase is committed to creating quality products that are socially meaningful and work to enhance the lifeline of your devices.

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